Why us?


We are team of Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Special Educators and Occupational/Speech Therapists aiming to provide the most effective provider of psychological services and interventions that promote the mental, social, emotional and inter-personal wellbeing of the individuals and communities at all walks of life from infancy to old age.


  • Works collaboratively and in consultation with community members, government agencies and community based organizations to provide effective psychological interventions that address psycho-social problems.
  • Provides accessible, affordable, effective and context-appropriate out-patient psychological services to individuals and families.
  • Provides a professional setting and meaningful practical learning opportunities for students who are undergoing training in clinical and counselling.
  • Undertakes research that contributes to the body of knowledge on effective psychological interventions within the Indian context.
  • Conducts out-reach programmes at mental health camps, special schools, inclusive schools, de-addiction centers and rehabilitation centers.
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